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SWEDE Small Size Each  Ohakune Grown
Sweet nourishing vegetable when mashed with butter, roasted or added to stews & soups. ..
$0.90 $0.80
Ex Tax: $0.70
SWEET FRUIT CHUTNEY  375ml From Happy Pantry Katikati
An Ole-time, sweet fruit chutney, just like the old days. Unbelievably yummy.  Ingre..
$5.50 $5.20
Ex Tax: $4.52
TAMARILLO CHUTNEY  300ml From Happy Pantry Katikati
Delectable... Another old favourite, fruity all-rounder.  Lovely, lively culinary oomph...
$8.20 $7.50
Ex Tax: $6.52
TOMATO CHUTNEY  375ml From Happy Pantry Katikati
Traditional old favourite... It's the best! Great for cheese sandwiches or with cold me..
$6.00 $5.50
Ex Tax: $4.78
TOMATO RELISH  370ml From Happy Pantry Katikati
This versatile relish is versatile on sandwiches, wraps, burgers & with barbequed meat... Per..
$5.80 $5.20
Ex Tax: $4.52
XTRA HOT CHILLI SAUCE  150mls From Liberty Growers Katikati
STOP! Think about what you're about to do... This is a borderline Face-Melter. Having s..
$10.50 $10.00
Ex Tax: $8.70
LEEK  Each  Katikati Grown
Traditionally they are served with white or cheese sauce. Can be microwaved, boiled, steamed ..
$2.50 $2.20
Ex Tax: $1.91
LEEKS  Bunch Of 2  Katikati Grown
Can be microwaved, boiled, steamed or stir-fried.   Traditionally they are served with..
$2.90 $2.70
Ex Tax: $2.35
FAIRTRADE ALL GOOD BANANAS Bunch of 5 Organically Grown from Ecuador
Banana growers in El Guabo, Ecuador use organic fertiliser to help keep their farms clean & s..
$4.50 $4.20
Ex Tax: $3.65
PACKHAM PEARS Bag of 5 Gisborne Grown
Distinctive yellowish-green skin with good flavour The sweet health snack. We NEVER sell ..
$5.50 $4.90
Ex Tax: $4.26
GRANNY SMITH APPLES 1.5KG Bag Hawkes Bay Grown
Excellent for apple pie, crumble, sauce & soup or add these green apples to cheeseboards as w..
$5.90 $5.50
Ex Tax: $4.78
ROYAL GALA APPLES  1.5 KG Bag Hawkes Bay Grown
Sweet, crisp flavour with firm, white flesh Put away the peeler & eat your apples with pe..
$6.00 $5.50
Ex Tax: $4.78
LONG KEEPER ONIONS  2 Medium Onions Pukekohe Grown
The modest onion helps maintain a healthy immune system, a vital first defence in protecting the ..
$1.00 $0.90
Ex Tax: $0.78
LONG KEEPER ONIONS  1.3KG Bag Pukekohe Grown
Long-keeping Onions... Store in a well ventilated area   Peel an onion for unique an..
$4.00 $3.90
Ex Tax: $3.39
CELERY Bunch  Palmerston North Grown
Stalks & leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Add celery to casseroles, pies, stir-fries &a..
$4.80 $4.50
Ex Tax: $3.91