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  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
  • BROCCOLI   Each  Tuakau Grown
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Eat raw to enjoy most health benefits. If cooking steam for a maximum of 3 mins or stir-fry for best flavour, texture and health benefits.

One of the most nutritious vegetables about.

Broccoli contains compounds, which research strongly indicates, inhibit the development of some cancers.

Broccoli contains glutathione, a potent antioxidant that helps kick-start the immune system & combat infection

Broccoli means 'little sprouts' in Italian.

Broccoli is one of the most versatile vegetables... can be served raw or lightly blanched & used in salads, pasta dishes, omelettes, quiches, soups & as a side dish.

Store at 0ºC with a relative humidity of 90-100%.

Broccoli is very ethylene sensitive so store separately from ethylene producing fruits & vegetables.

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Broccoli and blueberries may improve gut health

Broccoli Recipes

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Nutrition Information
Serving size:  ½ cup, chopped - 82g
per serving 
% Daily
intake per
per 100g 
Energy (kJ/Cal) 104/25 1% 127/30  
Protein (g) 2.5 5% 3.0  
Fat, total (g) 0.4 0.6% 0.5  
 - saturated (g) 0.08 0.3% 0.1  
Carbohydrate (g) 1.5 0.5% 1.8  
 - sugars (g) 1.5 2% 1.8  
Dietary fibre (g) 2.8 9% 3.4 Contains dietary fibre
Sodium (mg) 4 0.2% 5  
Vitamin C (mg) 46.7 117% RDI* 57.0 A good source of vitamin C
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.23 14% RDI* 0.28 A source of vitamin B6
Vitamin E (mg) 1.3 13% RDI* 1.6 A source of vitamin E
Folate (µg) 25 13% RDI* 31 A source of folate
Vitamin A Equiv. (µg) 90 12% RDI* 110 A source of vitamin A Equiv.
Niacin (mg) 0.8 8% RDI* 1.0  
Iron (mg) 0.5 4% RDI* 0.6  
Zinc (mg) 0.2 2% RDI* 0.3  
Potassium (mg) 148   180  
Thiamin (mg) trace 0% RDI* trace  
Riboflavin (mg) trace 0% RDI* trace  

Percentage Daily Intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ 
Your daily Intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. 
*Recommended Dietary Intake (Average Adult)

Source: The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 10th Edition, Plant & Food Research - 2014


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