The business started as The Onion Vegie Place,

with a loyal “drop-in” customer base. 

The Noble family have moved strategically to providing truly fresh delivered

produce directly to the consumer, whether this be a commercial operation

or to an individual consumer in their local region.

We have upgraded our current marketing format,

& building an online presence under the new brand “Growlink”

We wish to embrace the essence of our business in this brand.

It is one of which many years of cultivation has gone into,

we plant, grow & harvest our crops as well as distributing crops

from other reputable fruit & vegetable growers.

Field to Fork, Paddock to Plate, whatever the label, this business

has a home-grown family feel to it, & is one of the longest surviving businesses

in the same location in this area.

It is one of soil & toil, of machinery both old & new, of animals,

particularly cats, as welcome as the stream of customers.

We are offering our loyal customers real grower direct pricing. 

Once you have tried our produce there’s no going back.

It’s the freshest, tastiest, & most crisp you will ever have,

you will be a loyal customer!

Buying direct from local growers gives you access to truly fresh,

high quality produce at competitive prices & in turn,

you can strengthen the interconnectedness with the farming community

which helps make local people who are passionate

about the important role food plays in a healthy, functioning society.

Why source your food from a long way away, when you can get local food,

of better quality & freshness?

Local food systems empower people to make informed choices

with full confidence in where there food has come from.

Growlink's enduring theme of Zero Harm across our many activities

is not just a slogan, it is a bottom line & a way of life.

We keep other people safe through our expertise

& we will keep our people safe at

all times - safety is not expensive, it is priceless & not negotiable. 



Phone: 07 549 0232 (between 7.30am- 4.00pm)



Integrity & Trust - Pono me te Tika

We are honest, transparent & ethical. We respect the culture, values, law, regulations & we operate safely without harm to people or our environment.


Communication - Te Reo Whakawhitiwhiti

We foster active collaboration & understanding of others.

We are open, transparent & listen. 


People & Passion - Tangata Auaha

We are inclusive, act with consistency & respect the opinions or others.

We encourage, care for & motivate each other.

We have fun & work with passion & pride.


Commercial Focus - Arumoni Hangai

We actively seek out & deliver on opportunities.

We develop mutually beneficial relationships.


Eat fresh. Eat local. Eat better.

The team at Growlink feel good about our produce –

we know that we are growing & selling nice, honest food! 

Our food philosophy has always been to grow & where need be

use local, quality suppliers to reduce our food miles & increase the yum factor.

The team at Growlink enjoy the diversity of truly fresh produce,
according to the season.

This is important for a healthy lifestyle. 
You only need to look at recently released data on growing waistlines
to see that something isn’t working! 

The old advice of “would my grandmother make it, or eat it?” is a good one. 
This will get us away from highly processed, hollow calories,
& back to more nutritious fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Parents need to teach their children the lifelong attributes of a good diet
packed with plenty of fruit & vegetables. 
Parents need to lead by example. 
Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, enjoy the benefits! 
We have seen campaigns against smoking, & to lower alcohol consumption.
Is it time for a better food equivalent? 
Be protective of yourself when hearing media messages around what
constitutes healthy food – a lot of them are dated or quite simply untrue!
The Cost of Low Consumption of Fruit & Vegetables
Vegetables & fruit have been shown to protect against heart disease, strokes
& high blood pressure (World Health Organisation 2003a).
There is evidence that fresh produce protects against cancers
of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, oesophagus & stomach.
These studies have also cited fruit as an effective protector from lung cancer
(World Cancer Research Fund & American Institute for Cancer Research 2007).
In 2003 the Ministry of Health released a report on
‘Nutrition and the Burden of Disease’, which revealed that if
all New Zealanders ate 5  serves of fruit & vegetables daily,
there would be ~1550 fewer deaths in the country each year.
The report showed that a diet containing too little fruit & vegetables
can contribute to about 6% of all deaths.
We also believe consumers are taking more control of their diet.
In seeking personalised experiences, consumers are transitioning from
conventional food to nutrition arrangements that align
with their lifestyle, world view & ethics.
Growlink's focus is on growing & selling produce that promote wellness;
wellness for the consumer that eats the produce & also wellness
for our communities & environment in New Zealand. 
We have all been told many times that prevention is better than cure.
In a traditionally reactive environment, or cure focused approach to health,
consumers are awakening to the power of a proactive,
preventative approach,with food as medicine as a core foundation. 
It is notable that it is not just consumers awakening to the power
of a preventative system; governments across the world are
constantly challenged to meet the spiralling costs of
curative care systems & are prepared to explore preventative
care models with the expectation that a healthier population
will reduce the long term costs of health.
It is significant that millennials, who have now taken on the role as the
largest consumer group, are the biggest supporters of the health & wellness ideal.

"Lifestyle as medicine has the potential to prevent up to 80% of chronic disease. No other medicine can match that."

David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM. FACP


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