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  • RED CAPSICUM  Each  Whakatane Grown
  • RED CAPSICUM  Each  Whakatane Grown
  • RED CAPSICUM  Each  Whakatane Grown
  • RED CAPSICUM  Each  Whakatane Grown
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Red capsicums are the sweetest of the different coloured varieties.

Great addition to a vegetable platter.

They add a brilliant splash of colour.

Their texture is also the perfect crunchy complement for dips

Contain the vitamin C of oranges.

Low Calorie.

Cholesterol, Sodium and Fat free.

High in antioxidants.

We never sell imported Capsicums from Australia ever.

Capsicums are known for their pungent flavour in food, due to a plant chemical called capsaicin.

Interestingly, this is the chemical used in pepper spray for law enforcement.

Levels of capsaicin in capsicums will vary depending on a range of factors such as weather, growing conditions, and age.

Capsicums is known to have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, and has been used to treat conditions including skin rashes, stomach ache and arthritis.

It is also commonly used in muscle rub-down creams to help alleviate pain. 

Along with the above properties, capsicums are a good source of Vitamin C, and contain carotenes and B vitamins.

Capsicums can be eaten raw or cooked. 

Use raw in salads, cut into strips & eat with dips, or use as an edible garnish. 

Dice capsicums for use on pizzas; cut into chunks for kebabs; use in pasta sauces; or add to stir fries. 

Stuff with rice or a bread crumb mixture & bake. 

Add roasted capsicums, either hot or cold, to salads & sandwiches.


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Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 capsicum - 74g
per serving 
% Daily
intake per
per 100g 
Energy (kJ/Cal) 89/21 1% 120/29  
Protein (g) 0.7 1% 0.9  
Fat, total (g) 0.1 0.2% 0.2  
 - saturated (g) trace 0% trace  
Carbohydrate (g) 3.7 1% 5.0  
 - sugars (g) 3.7 4%  4.9  
Dietary fibre (g) 1.1 4% 1.5  
Sodium (mg) 0 0% 0  
Vitamin C (mg) 103.6 259% RDI* 140 A good source of vitamin C
Folate (µg) 63 32% RDI* 85 A good source of folate
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.41 26% RDI* 0.56 A good source of vitamin B6
Vitamin A Equiv. (µg) 118 16% RDI* 160 A source of vitamin A Equiv.
Niacin (mg) 0.74 7% RDI* 1  
Potassium (mg) 155   210  

Percentage Daily Intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ 
Your daily Intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. 
*Recommended Dietary Intake (Average Adult)

Source: The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 10th Edition, Plant & Food Research - 2014


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