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Fragrant flavour that is reminisent of both citrus peel & sage.

The lacy, feathery foliage of coriander has a unique scent, penetrating & lively with slightly bitter leaves.

Indispensible ingredient of Chinese, Thai & Mexican cuisine

Coriander helps with treatment of skin inflammation, high cholesterol levels, & digestion.

Coriander is called cilantro in America.

Coriander has antiseptic & antifungal properties & is high in antioxidants.

Coriander has a strong, fresh taste which will give a big boost to flavour to meals without having to add much fat or salt.

Add coriander to juices & smoothies for a boost of vitamins A, C & K

Use as a green in sandwiches, tacos or burgers.

Chop into savoury muffin, scone or quiche recipes.

Blitz ( in combination with parsley & mint leaves ) into salsa verdo or pesto.

Add handfuls into casseroles & chicken or fish broths at the end of cooking, just to wilt.

All parts of coriander are edible, but the fresh leaves & the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking.

Fresh leaves of Coriander are used in many Indian foods including chutneys.

Coriander is especially good in salsa & guacamole, used as garnish & in Asian-style salads with fruits,such as pears, nashi & mangoes.

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